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Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering (PPGEE) Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo



The PPGEE seeks to support international exchanges as part of its academic plans as well as promote opportunities for the development of research and publications with foreign partners in order to significantly increase its number of collaborations with foreign research groups and the internationalization of the Program.

Internationalizing a graduate program requires carrying out a set of well-planned actions on the part of the institution, faculty members and the student body that should be implemented gradually to ensure success.

There are some actions in the student area that can stimulate this process, such as students giving program seminars in English as training for the presentation of studies at international events; students completing part of their education at renowned foreign institutions through Doctoral exchange programs; students participating in foreign events; and requiring the submission, acceptance or publishing of articles in English by students before allowing them to deposit their theses or dissertations. Courses are occasionally offered in English for some foreign students who still are not fluent in Portuguese.

In terms of faculty members, we can encourage them to complete part of their 1456432883_Mappost-doctorate work in renowned foreign institutions; increase the number of visiting professors so that visiting professors can teach graduate courses during their time here; offer courses in English; and increase the number of thesis and dissertation defense committees with foreign members. On the institutional front we can increase the number of partnerships with other institutions, including dual diplomas and joint degrees.