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Graduate Program Coordination Committee (CCP)

The Graduate Coordination Committee (CCP) for the electrical engineering program consists of six faculty members and their respective alternates, all accredited as advisors in the program and linked to the unit, and one member representing the students in the program, and their respective alternate.

Coordinated by: Prof. Dr. João Antonio Martino
Alternate: Prof. Dr. Vitor Heloiz Nascimento

Area 3139 – Systems Engineering
Faculty member: Prof. Dr. José Roberto Castilho Piqueira
Alternate: Prof. Dr. Bruno Augusto Angélico

Area 3140 – Microelectronics
Faculty member: Prof. Dr. João Antonio Martino
Alternate: Prof. Dr. Marco Isaías Alayo Chavez

Area 3141 – Computational Engineering
Faculty member: Prof. Dr. Jorge Rady de Almeida Junior
Alternate: Prof. Dra. Anarosa Alves Franco Brandão

Area 3142 – Electronic Systems
Faculty member: Prof. Dr. Vitor Heloiz Nascimento
Alternate: Prof. Dr. Marcio Eisencraft

Area 3143 – Power Systems
Titular: Prof. Dr. Eduardo Lorenzetti Pellini
Alternate: Prof. Dr. André Luiz Veiga Gimenes

Area 3154 – Biomedical Engineering
Faculty member: Prof. Dr. Henrique Takachi Moriya
Alternate: Prof. Dr. André Fábio Kohn

2021 Student Representative

Julia Cristina Soares Sousa  (Faculty member)

João Vitor Costa Leal (Alternate)

Telephone numbers for contact can be obtained by emailing the graduate office at

CoB – Scholarship Committee

COB General Coordination:
Prof. Dr. Gustavo Rehder

Program Secretary
Rosemeire Cruz


Area representatives to the Scholarship Committee

Area 3139 – Systems Engineering – Prof. Dr. Claudio Garcia

Area 3140 – Microelectronic Engineering – Prof. Dr. Gustavo Rehder

Area 3141 – Computational Engineering – Prof. Dr. Graça Bressan

Area 3142 – Electronic Systems – Prof. Dr. Magno T. da Silva

Area 3143 – Power Systems– Prof. Dr. Mauricio Salles

Area 3154 – Biomedical Engineering– Prof. Dr. Henrique Moriya



Student Representatives

Loren Mora Pastrana


Any documentation, communications, or requests to the Scholarship Committee should be sent via email to the representatives for the area, the Scholarship Committee email, or personally to the PPGEE office by the Thursday prior to each meeting. Meetings are held on the first Monday of the month, except for July and January.