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Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering (PPGEE) Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo


Shelves full of books in a library.

USP’s Integrated Library System (SIBiUSP) is made up of 48 libraries.

The Prof. Dr. Luiz de Queiroz Orsini Library, dedicated to the area of Electrical Engineering, and eight other libraries dedicated to various areas of Engineering, make up the Library Division of the Polytechnic School. Given its location, PPGEE students at EPUSP have direct access to the vast archives of the Prof. Dr. Luiz de Queiroz Orsini Library which has:

  • 20,192 books;
  • 866 current journals;
  • 3,752 theses and dissertations;
  • 684 multimedia resources (CD-ROMs, DVDs, video cassettes), and
  • 2,010 graduate and specialization articles.

This library is over 10 thousand square feet in area and features:

  • 10 individual study rooms;
  • 15 group study rooms;
  • 2 individual research rooms;
  • 73 desks within its stacks.

The library has computers with internet access for researching databases, electronic journals and other online resources as well as the CAPES Periodical Portal, and has an auditorium with a multimedia system that seats 18.

Among the resources available through SIBiUSP, special attention should be given to the Integrated Search Portal which permits searching through all of SIBiUSP’s resources located throughout various libraries on various campuses, and having a login you can store and manage searches, consult the location and availability of resources, reserve resources, extend borrowing time and view past resources that you have borrowed.Books isolated on white

SIBiUSP also includes the Virtual Library, a portal of electronic journals subscribed to by USP, a portal of electronic books and a portal of journals edited by various parts of USP. SIBiUSP also maintains the Digital Library of Intellectual Production (, which is a repository of articles produced at USP.