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Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering (PPGEE) Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo

Electronic Systems

The area of electronic systems encompasses lines of research in computer systems, network simulation and optimization, signal processing, telecommunications, information transmission systems, legal engineering, forensic science and technology, and image processing and analysis.

Research topics involve modeling systems and representations of signals, conditions, degradation mitigation effects and techniques and quality improvement in network transmission, and in encoding and storing audio, voice, and video signals and images and data, adaptive signal processing, and applications and analysis of adaptive filtering.

Systems and processes for measuring biometric characteristics and identifying individuals are also considered, along with recognizing individuals and understanding messages in signals employ machine learning techniques, artificial neural networks, and other methods of decision-making and computational intelligence.

Lines of Research

Circuits and Systems

This line of research includes:

  • Automation of electrical measurements
  • Computational methods for circuit resolution
  • Methods for simulation and optimization

Computational Electronics

This research line includes:

  • High performance processing architectures
  • Languages, compilers, tools, and operating systems for parallel and distributed systems
  • Scientific visualization
  • Multimedia
  • Computational graphics
  • Digital image processing
  • High performance networks
  • VLSI architectures
  • Optical and opto-electronic computing


Digital Signal Processing

This research line comprises theoretical studies and applications involving digital signal processing.



This line of research encompasses the development of applications in the area of telecommunications that are of social interest, with links to academic projects.