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Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering (PPGEE) Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo




As an area of concentration, Microelectronics covers all relevant aspects of engineering for designing and producing small-scale integrated systems and circuits. The main focus is research and development of new materials, advanced mechanisms, circuits, and integrated systems. Microelectronics has an ample laboratory structure available, consisting of cleanrooms, cutting-edge equipment and workstations, as well as a broad support structure for undergraduate and graduate courses and projects.


Lines of Research

  • Material Devices and Processes

    Focusing on topics related to amorphous silicon and its alloys, heterostructures, SOI structures, thin films, metallic interconnections, solar cells, liquid crystal devices, superficial acoustic waves, and MOS and SOI-MOSFET technologies. 1456442444_1_graphic_card_electronic_device_motherboard_smps_hardware_chip_3



  • Solid State Sensors and Intelligent Sensors

    Focusing on research and development of sensors and transducers in the area of chemical, magnetic, electrical, thermal, optical, mechanical, and radiating energies, in addition to microstructures for instrumentation and biomedicine applications.



  • Integrated Systems and Circuit Design

    Focused on designing high-speed analog and digital circuits in CMOS and GaAs and dedicated processors, as well as developing CAD methodologies and tools for automating CIS and SIS design